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Machak Round Glass Jar With Airtight Lid For Kitchen Storage, Black, 200ml (10 Pieces)

Machak Round Glass Jar With Airtight Lid For Kitchen Storage, Black, 200ml (10 Pieces)

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Machak Round Glass Jar With Airtight Lid For Kitchen Storage, Black, 200ml (6 Pieces)

  • Good quality glass jar for kitchen capacity is 200 grams. Made In India. Filling capacity may vary from cereal/grain to grain. Salt/ turmeric can be easily filled up to 200 gms, but dry fruits, gram, kidney beans are bigger in size.
  • Glass jars make it stronger and safe to use as compared to plastic bottles. These jars can also be used for storing dry fruits, herbs and spices in addition to grains like wheat, corn and pumpkin seeds. They come with an air-tight cap which makes these products totally safe to store food items in them.

It is safe to store food in this as compared to plastic containers.

  • This glass jar compartment is perfect for storing all sorts of dry goods like rice and lentils. It is also made from food safe and BPA free material. This glass jar can be used to store spices and other dry goods.
  • Great for storing all your favorite dry ingredients, this storage jar is perfect for the kitchen. Made from borosilicate glass, it's durable and safe for use.
  • The glass container's airtight sealing cap also makes it ideal for storing seeds, grains and beans, while the liner helps maintain freshness - preventing spills when you transfer them between containers.

These kitchen containers are made from quality glass and are safe to use.

  • The special coating inside the cap prevents any oil/water leakage and lets you store any type of food in this container without fear of spoiling it
  • This set of 6 glass jars for kitchen storage is made of food grade borosilicate glass and airtight cap. These jars are moisture tight, rust free, shatterproof and lead free. They are dishwasher friendly and the ideal choice to keep your kitchen organized.

This is made from Food Grade Glass which you can use it for storing foods as well as cooking

It can be used multiple purposes such as storing grains, salt, sugar or gram.

  • Glass containers are made in India and have a capacity of 200 grams. The bottles come with food safe labels printed on them so there is no risk to your food items. Each bottle is measured using imperial measurements, which makes it easy to fill them up by using non-metric utensils. These bottles have been designed for the right and left-handed use.
  • This Set of 6 Glass Containers For Your Kitchen Are Ideal For Home Use. Clean The Glass Jars With Warm Water Before Filling Them, This Helps To Prevent Bacteria From Growing In The Containers. Place These Glass Jars Inside Your Cookware Where They Will Help Keep Food Fresher Longer. Also Avoid Putting Anything Moldy In Them.
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